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Steel Tariffs and Trade introduced the New Deal next month

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Reporter from the "steel industry restructuring and revitalization of planning", that the country's future in maintaining the stability of the domestic market, will improve the export environment, adjust the tax rate related to imports, to ensure that direct exports and indirect steel exports remained at more than 15% of total . At the same time, fair trade policies will also be adjusted. An authoritative source, the above measures will be led by the Ministry of Finance, in conjunction with Development and Reform Commission, State Administration of Taxation, Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Public Works letter issued in March.


"Planning" think, in 2009 China's steel industry will face unprecedented difficulties, direct and indirect exports of steel might be reduced by 50%, such as Failure to take timely measures, the domestic consumption and production will occur since the reform and opening up the second double-declining . "Planning" requirements to implement the country to expand domestic demand measures to stabilize the construction steel market, the protection of key projects of steel, building steel will account for the proportion of domestic consumption has stabilized at about 50%.

At the same time, the Government will adopt a flexible implementation of an appropriate export tax policy, the stability of the international market share of steel products, to encourage indirect exports of steel products. Organizations, associations and enterprises to actively respond to anti-dumping, countervailing and other trade frictions, to ensure that direct exports and indirect exports to maintain the total at more than 15%. Appropriate adjustments to high value-added steel products export tax refund policy. The continuation of pig iron, ferroalloy, steel billet, steel ingot, as well as lower value-added wire rod, rebar charge 10% ~ 25% of export tariffs. Implement the cancellation has been issued 67 tax-tariff measures of steel products to speed up the progress of a tax rebate, tax rebates to ensure that full and on time. At the same time, in due course improve the technological content and high added value steel products export tax rebate rate.

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